Cancer Home Care Needs

Cancer is a disease of mutilated cells with symptoms specific to the site where the cancer occurred. As the disease progresses and various cancer treatments are received, multiple body systems may be affected, causing related problems.
You or a loved one may require home care for cancer if you or a loved one is in the one of the following  stages of disease:

Early Disease

Localised tumour.
Goal is cure.
Therapy may be a single type or a combination of different types.

Advanced Disease

Cancer has spread.
Goal is to prolong life.
More aggressive treatment, multi-modal, may include palliative therapy for pain and symptom relief.

Terminal Disease

Cancer is widespread.
Goal is to provide comfort and promote quality of life.
Goal is to provide comfort and promote quality of life.

Common problems that a loved one with cancer may experience include physiological and psychological problems:

including constipation, diarrhea, obstruction, and bowel surgery

including stomatitis and esophagitis. These are the painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract. 

including incontinence, retention, and urinary surgery

is the partial or complete suppression of the immune response of an individual.

including taste and appetite changes

Home care of a loved one with cancer may include the following.
Some of which may only be performed by a licensed registered nurse.
  • Providing postsurgical care

  • Administering chemotherapeutic agents or biological response modifiers by a home nurse

  • Monitoring for complications from various therapies including signs and sympotms of infection or possible cancer-specific oncologic emergncies

  • Managing medication and treatment schedule

  • Preventing infection

  • Maintaining a safe environment

  • Maintain optimal nutritional intake

  • Perform protective measures relating to immunosuppression

  • Providing psychological support

  • Providing cancer patient / family education around cancer type, treatment, side effects, complications, and disease progression

  • Providing pain and symptom management for cancer patients with advanced disease

  • Teaching family members by a home nurse to provide care to enable the patient to remain in the home enironment as the disease progresses

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