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Work at  my own slower pace.

After 16 years in the hospital, I was feeling burnt out, with all the running around, overloaded with work and overtime I was clocking.

I like home nursing in a sense that it is non-chaotic and low stress. I can work at my own pace. It allows me to get to know the care of my patient inside out instead of running around tending to so many patients and always leave feeling that I am giving proper care. No long list of 25 patients who all need medication at the same time - a great break for me!

The only form of pressure comes from the family – finding appreciative and understanding family makes everything all the more worthwhile!

I get to travel!

I like travelling a lot.


Doing freelance nursing gives me the time and freedom to decide when I want to work and save up for my next trip.


My only boss is my client. Instead of dealing many different people, as long as he is well-cared for, all is good! 

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Fulfilling when your patient gets well.

I left my previous workplace because I was feeling very unappreciated. Ever since I started doing home nursing, I have never stopped loving it. Once you find a case that sticks with you, it can be very fulfilling.  

Being a full-time homecare nurse, I have the sole responsibility for a patient’s healing. Knowing that your patient got better because of the quality of nursing care your provided makes it very fulfilling personally. 

When you step into your patient’s bedroom and her eyes light when she realises that you will be her nurse for that day – that makes you feel very happy and rewarding.

Home nursing gives me autonomy.

What home nursing appeals to me is that I get to work independently and yet I still have a care coordinator to reach out to when I need help.

It is decent income, just that it can be hard to find cases that fit your schedule. 

Quick tip to have more than one case on hand in case of hospitalisation.

One plus point is that my assessment skills got better!

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