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The MOH reported that more patients in Singapore are returning to hospital within 1 month of discharge - the major cause being the inability to care for themselves properly at home.

Spending time in hospital can leave you needing more help and support when you return home, even after a short stay, partly due to deconditioning.

Our nurses are able to support you or your loved on in regaining independence at home.

The following are some common situations where our home nurses were engaged to nurse to provide home from hospital care.

Fracture after a fall

1 in 3 elderly over 65 fall every year. Hip fractures are common fall injuries and can be hospitalised up to 2 weeks.


Following hospitalisation, about half of the elderly find it challenging to return home and live independently.


Our home nurse can help in the transition back to home and work closely with your therapists to regain or maintain your loved one's functional abilities.


Returning home after a stroke, our home nurse will assess conduct a neurological assessment and provide nursing interventions in the areas of functional ability and mobility, bowel and bladder management, skin integrity, communication and memory. We work closely with your therapists for your loved one's rehabilitation. 

Knee replacement

Our home nurse will monitor the recovery of the wound, possible complications from surgery and side effect from medications. Working closely with your therapists, our home nurse assists in rehabilitation as well as recommendations on home modification.

Hip replacement

Following discharge, our home nurse will monitor the health condition of your loved one, the pain level and any possible complications such as dislocation of the hip. Our home nurse will evaluate the home environment for safety and work with your loved one's therapists for rehabilitation and recovery.


After a hospital stay, you may find that your elderly loved one has grown weaker, frail, less alert and mobile compared to before. Our home nurse works with your loved one to transition smoothly home and assist in rehabilitation to maintain or recover your loved one's mental and  physical health.

Above are some common arrangements we provide for our clients. If what you are looking for is not listed here, kindly speak with us at 6646 0000. We personalise home nursing care options for different conditions depending on what your loved one need. 
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