Long Term Home Nursing

Long term home nursing caters to a loved one who has a progressive disease and requires substantial and ongoing care.
The goal of long term nursing care is to meet all the ongoing care needs and enable your elderly loved one to continue living as independently as possible at home. Our nurse care coordinator will draw up an individualised care plan and adjust it as the disease progresses and care need evolves.
Below are some common diseases that may require long term home nursing care.

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's affects each individual differently, and, for each individual, it can vary from hour to hour, day to day. As a result, the care required varies as well.

Our home nurse will monitor your elderly loved one's condition, working with your doctor in managing their medications, keeping track of the diet and nutrition and noting any changes in swallowing and movement problems.

Offering advice and information about living with Parkinson’s, our home nurse will be there with your elderly loved one and your family, throughout his care journey, from diagnosis to the palliative treatment stages and end-of-life care in the final days. 


At the early stages, regular, non-medical care such as assistance in activities of daily living may be adequate. As the disease progresses into more advanced stages , the needs evolve and may require more specialised care.


In the case of Alzheimer's Disease, memory becomes greatly affected, behaviour and mood may become erratic and difficulties in coordinating movements may arise. Care required goes beyond assisting in activities of daily living, to be able to handle mood swings and erratic behaviours and maintain stress and anxiety of the individual at low levels.

In the late-stage Alzheimer's, intensive 24 hours round-the-clock is needed at home to cope with the care needs. An alternative may be for admission into a care facility to meet all the care needs.

Above are some common arrangements we provide for our clients. If what you are looking for is not listed here, kindly speak with us at 6646 0000. We personalise home nursing care options for different conditions depending on what your loved one need. 
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